LED Light Source

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The LED light bar comes standard on all new 5400 SERIES IV Pinhole
Detectors. As a part of our Green Program, it consumes 50% less
electrical power and stays brighter years longer than the traditional UV

The exciting news about this LED innovation is that you can get this high
intensity light on a brand new Series IV Pinhole Detector or have an
existing pinhole detector retrofitted with the upgraded LED Light Source.
This new LED light source can be retrofitted on both automatic and manual
SEMS Pinhole Detectors. It enables detection of 12 micron (.0005”) (1/2
mil) pinholes.

The goal at SEMS is to provide our customers with the best equipment
available. In addition to other great products and upgrades, we are pleased
to include this new LED Light Source to our line of great value pinhole
detection equipment.


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