Pinhole Detector “Regeneration”

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Regeneration of the Integration Chamber substantially increases the ability of your SEMS/GE Pinhole Detector to detect pinholes.
Regeneration – Pinhole Detector Integration Chamber (I/C)

  • Total disassembly of I/C – all electrical components discarded
  • Complete metal framework inspected for Regeneration compliance
  • Qualifying parts then have all old paint coatings thermally stripped, and glass -bead etched to a precise 1-1.5 mil anchoring texture
  • Each component is then prepared, powder coated and oven cured as follows:

    All external surfaces receive a certified 3% anti-gloss, anti-reflective black-hued powder coating to minimize stray light interference
    All internal surfaces receive an enhanced scatter-reflective white powder coating to maximize target recognition

  • All assembly hardware and fasteners are replaced with black-oxide, anti-reflective fasteners
  • Upgraded control boards with many technological improvements are included
  • All circuitry is replaced with new low-noise, high capacity components
  • New generation F05-0120 high power assemblies are implemented into the chamber
  • New ultra-sensitive, individually tested and certified PM tubes are included
  • The Regenerated unit is then bench-tested, and lab-verified as operating in full design compliance, and every functional component is measured for optimal performance.

Ask about our Integration Chamber Rental and Field Upgrade Programs.

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